Your Personal Silent Alarm

An App For the Traveler

67% of travelers state that there is a psychological effect on either them or their families when travelling to a region where they may not feel safe, LyfeShield is here.

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LyfeShield is Mobile App

Built For Android, iOS coming soon

What we Offer Is A Safe Travel

Introducing LyfeShield

Operate Everywhere with Confidence

Enable your travelers to make smart decisions with LyfeShield.
Engage customers in different verticals.


What your travelers get

A powerful mobile application

An insightful, easy to use user interface allows your travelers to.

  • Alert selected contacts about incidents with location, text, audio/video data
  • Use different modes to activate alerts
  • Instantly share location and safety status
  • Chat with friends and family
  • Be informed about danger zones and general travel tips
  • Find useful addresses and contact phones

Get in Touch How the app Works

Activate the Alarms in 4 Different Ways

Shake your device
Use your wearable
Use a voice command
Tap the panic button

What is Unique About LyfeShield

Global events are driving change in the travel domain therefore safety has become a priority.

Use our App with your wearable device and send an instant alert to your family and friends ...

Our App

at a glance

Take a quick inside glance of our App through the below screenshots.

Home screen

LyfeShield App

[Home screen

Standby mode

LyfeShield App

[Standby mode

How it works

LyfeShield App

[How it works

Menu app

LyfeShield App

[Menu app

Friend map

LyfeShield App

[Friend map